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'Rainbow Shadows' Original Watercolour Mixed Media Painting - Now sold

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This was the first of six watercolour mixed media paintings from my Autumn 2019 series.  

I started them in late September, having spent a full summer with the kids and no time to paint.  They went back to school and my mum kept Arlo the baby so I could paint.  But when I got in the studio, I couldn't get started, paralyzed by the fear of destroying my new and expensive watercolour paper.   

I spent a while looking at my collection of photos from the wildflower bed in the summer, but after a frustrating hour or so, I gave up and decided to just experiment and play!  I went out to the garden, collected some foliage and began playing with the watercolour, inks and plants on my lovely new watercolour paper.  

I still have that experimental sheet, I'll never sell that, but this was the first painting I completed after that and is probably my favourite out of the collection.  

It's roughly A2 size, unframed, watercolour mixed media on watercolour paper.