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'Happy Accidents' - Original Watercolour Mixed Media Painting

'Happy Accidents' illustrates my art tutor's very good point about the importance of happy accidents (I used to call them mistakes) and how they can lead to something good.  

I had planned what to paint on very 'precious' new piece of hand made paper all day.  Doing little preparatory sketches in between my mummy duties like making snacks and bobos. 

I had just got some time on my own at the end of the day, sat down to work on my new paper and the first thing I did was accidentally spill half a bottle of turquoise ink all over it! Instead of despairing (which was my first reaction, I'll not lie) I heard my art tutor's voice in my had and got to work, playing with the ink and water.  When I had finished with the inks, I worked over it with watercolour pencils and pastels.

And do you know what? I was so happy with the results.  Lesson learned. 

Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Think of them as happy accidents.  Play, go with it and enjoy whatever happens.  Probably a good mantra for life overall really.   

Roughly A2 size Watercolour mixed media on acid free, rough textured, eco watercolour paper, hand made in India.