An Artist, wife and mother to three small children, living on the North Coast of Northern Ireland. Always having loved being in nature, the planting of a wildflower patch at the bottom of our garden was the beginning of my fascination with flowers. I quickly became fascinated with and addicted to the process of planting, growing and nurturing a garden and the joy and inspiration that it brings.

A long held dream of going to Art College came to fruition after I had our second child and the inspiration for all my work was nature and the garden. The colour, shapes, lines and atmosphere that are present in nature and our garden are something which I will forever be inspired by. Focusing on the beauty surrounding me is intoxicating and addictive. It has a cumulative effect, the more I pay attention, the more I notice.

I want to share that beauty. To try and capture it and get it out there into the world. To spread a bit of positivity and celebration of our world and the magic within it. This is what drives me. I want to paint and create to make this beauty accessible to others. My paintings celebrate the colour and beauty in the little things around us all the time and hopefully spread a little happiness.

I work across all mediums but particularly enjoy water based mediums such as watercolours and inks. I have a habit of being a bit precise, so I love the freedom that the interplay of pigment and water provide. I also love the richness and texture that acrylics and oils bring to a piece of work, so very often incorporate these as well.

Recording stories, capturing feelings, paying attention to and taking care of ourselves and the world around us is what inspires me to create.