My first ever blog post!!

May 29, 2020

My first ever blog post!!


Welcome to my new website!

I’m very excited to launch it and share a bit more of my story with you all!  

Always having loved being in nature, the planting of a wildflower patch at the bottom of our garden in the Spring of 2014, was the beginning of my fascination with flowers. 

We had moved into our house the previous autumn and with one child at the time and hopes of more, we loved having  a new garden for him to enjoy!  We originally wanted to have a vegetable patch in an existing raised bed at the bottom of the garden.  However, it soon became clear that it would need a lot of weedkiller (which we didn’t want to use) or years of gradually thinning out the weeds and improving the soil before we could think of growing our own food from it. 

So we decided to plant some wildflower seeds instead, to improve the soil and help with the weeds.  It soon turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made!  I quickly became fascinated with and addicted to the process of planting, growing and nurturing a garden and the joy and inspiration that it brings. 

I finally got to go to Art Collage after I had our second child and the inspiration for all my work was nature and the garden.  The colour, shapes, lines and atmosphere that are present in nature and our garden are something which I will forever be inspired by. 

 The colour and diversity of plants and wildflowers in our garden is absolutely amazing!  Not to mention the amount of bees, butterflies and other insects that we have visiting.


The bed also changes every year.  We let it self seed after a couple of years and now have a more local range of wildflowers that have seeded themselves amongst the planted wildflowers, presumably with the help of the wildlife that visits. 

In April 2020, during lockdown, I created a new flowerbed in the garden, on a patch of grass which was just never pretty and was always wet.  I have planted a mixture of climbing flowers, garden flowers and mixed in some seed from our existing wildflower patch from last autumn.  They are starting to come up nice and strong now and I just can’t wait to get drawing and painting them in the summer months! I’ll keep you posted!!